Weekly News (Oct 5th to 11th)

Hello Panthers,

Happy Birthday Coach Gai (today is his birthday)

This is a big week for us again. We have Jr. and Sr. Palooza’s this week, so we need to get lots of rest and eat well every night. We want to see how all this hard training is going to pay off.


Important Notes:


Jr. Palooza: Tuesday October 6th 1:30pm (Early Release Day)

Only junior swimmers will swim on this day. No 11 and over swimmers will practice on this day. We will have dry land practice for 13/14 swimmers though.


Sr. Palooza: Wednesday, October 7th 2:30pm:

Only senior swimmers will swim on this day. No 10 and under swimmers practice this day. You can make up practice on Thursday or Friday if you would like.


Swim-a-thon: October 29th after school

Last week I emailed out the information for this event. Please print out the pledge sheets and start collecting those pledges. Great prizes and food and fun…all for a good cause; Second Chance Bangkok

We will have hard copies at the practices this week for those without printers.


Swimfest Spirt Night: Friday November 13th SAVE THE DATE:

On the eve of Swimfest (and Splash) we have a team spirit night. This event is for our whole team and has all ages having fun and getting excited about the meet together. This year we are going to try something different. We are going to have our first ever Panther Swim Team Movie Night! Right after school we have book all of the MPB’s and will be showing swim movie “Touch The Wall”. Swimmers will be sitting together in multi-age groups and eating healthy fun snacks. Bring your pillows and PJs if you want, let’s make it a big party!

See the following link for the trailer of the movie


Singapore Fighting Fish Santa Clause Meet (November 28th and 29th):

Just a reminder that if you are interested in attending this travel meet you need to enter asap. We have now added Coach Nuk to the mix as we are up over 20 swimmers now and this looks to be the biggest travel team we have taken in recent history. You know what they same…the more the merrier!


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


***ISB Swimfest (MANDATORY HOME MEET): November 14th and 15th

***Singapore Fighting Fish Santa Claus Meet: November 28th and 29th



That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,