Convention Report and Congratulations to Clark Hammond, winner of this year's Pe


Report to Southeastern Swimming LSC from USAS Convention


Russell Mark's talk - Another excellent presentation by Russell, outlining the top priorities for success in each stroke, underwater dolphin kick and forward starts.  A lot of the video and explanations can be found on the USA Swimming website under the coach section.


True Sport and Deck Pass talk - True Sport is an educational program from USADA primarily aimed at kids 8-14, though info presented is applicable to all.  It is accessed through the "Perks" logo on the Deck Pass app.  The lessons are short and interactive.  Award patches are given for completion, though if you are not on a device when doing the lesson, you need to use the QR reader on the Deck Pass app (not any old QR reader) to download the patch.  Some teams have been incorporating the lessons into their training plan.


Steering Committee Meeting

Arena Pro Series - Targeted for more elite athletes.  First 3 meets in 2015-2016 will have Summer Junior cuts; last 3 will have Summer national cuts.  No Minnesota Arena Pro Meet in 2016.  Instead, a USA National Team vs. Big 10 All Star meet.  For next Quadrennial: Looking at venues which will be (a) TV capable, (b) fast facility, (c) travel considerations in play, (d) swimmer friendly.  Look for year-to-year changes in locations.  Timing of meets will be looked at.

2017 World Championship Trials in Indianapolis.

October 14 - 4 day Olympic Trials tickets on sale.

Three National Team Camps at OTC leading to Trials


Sports Medicine

I didn't get here in time for the asthma vs. vocal cord dysfunction talk.  The strength trainng talk was focused on shoulder and core stability.  This presentation should be up on the USA Swimming website.


Mighty 2500

I went to this talk because no one knew what it was and I got picked.  It really didn't concern us.  The "Mighty 2500" is the group of the smallest LSC's (ie: less than 2500 swimmers).  The concept is good.  Gather LSC's of about the same size, share ideas, and then report back on what was implemented.  Going forward, there will be a similar group program for the 21 middle-sized LSC's in 2016, and one for the largest 19 LSC's in 2017.



A presentation from Katherine Burke of First Western Trust.  First Western Trust is the investment company utilized by USA Swimming.  Suggest we look at this company as one of the options for our investments, as we can get a better rate on services by piggy-backing on the USAS service.  One thing we need to keep in mind is the difference between a reserve fund and an endowment fund.  We really need to have both, IMHO.


Club and LSC Financial Management meeting

A review of federal requirements, as well as auditing procedures.  I suggest we perform both an external audit (financial) and an internal audit (procedures) within the next 12 months.  This will also help us with LEAP 2 requirements.


Zone Meeting and House of Delegates

Not a lot of controversy.  We are looking at possibly moving to an AG Zone All Star Meet of only 11-12 ans 13-14 swimmers in 2017, depending on next year's vote, but the sentiment seems to be there. 

In 2017 - AG Zones, Aug 1-5 in Tupelo, MS

            - Senior Zones, Aug 1-5 in College Station, TX (Texas A&M)

            - Open Water Zones,June 4-5 in Seven Lakes, NC

Congratulations to Clark Hammond, winner of this year's Pettigrew Official's Award - quite an honor!