Convention Highlights

 We will be adding Convention highlights over the next few days from all of the North Texas attendees.

  • Diversity & Inclusion - Suzanne Dangelmaier
  • USA Swimming Committee Structure - Gloria Schuldt
  • New Legislation from HOD - Gloria Schuldt
  • Safe Sport - Jack Dowling
    • Materials from the sessions can be found at www.usaswimming.org/toolkit.  
    • USA Swimming has officially launched the Safe Sport Fellowship!  They will be accepting applications until November 10.  Please promote this to athletes within your LSCs.  This is a great opportunity for athletes to deeply engage in Safe Sport and leadership development—and for Safe Sport to mobilize the message at the local level in innovative ways.    More information and a link to the application can be found at the Safe Sport home page: www.usaswimming.org/protect
    • The attendees had the privilege of hearing Paul Stockett, athlete rep from Middle Atlantic, talk about the incentive program that he has implemented.  The tracking website that he created is available to everyone.  Visit www.safesportinitiative.weebly.com to check it out.
  • USAS Convention Senior Development Committee Notes - Brian Dangelmaier

    • Winter Juniors @ UT held in SCY with LCM time trial on 12/13
    • 2016 US Open (LCM) @ Minneapolis - 8/2-6
    • 2016 LCM Juniors @ Minneapolis - 8/8-12
    • Futures meet:  add 4th site for 2016 - location TBD
    • Futures de-qualification - if swimmer gets national cut they cannot swim that event in Futures meet, but may still swim meet in other events.
    • Club Excellence:  auto selection to Gold Medal Team if placing athlete on Olympic or WC team.
    • Time Stds:  Deregulate non-conforming time stds at Sectionals to allow meet directors to better control meet size.