2015 Spook Splash T-Shirts Available

 We’re excited to offer Spook Splash T-Shirts this year!  The design is a Black T-shirt, with Green Print and a Glow-In-The-Dark design on the front.  Back by popular request is a listing of all swimmers signed up for the meet on the back.  See T-Shirt design attached. 

I need to know how many shirts/which sizes from your team no later than Thursday, October 15th at 8 pm.   Cost is $13 per shirt, with additional $1 per X in XL sizes.  

Consider setting up a similar event (to the one outlined below) on your team-unify page where your team members may order the shirt and you charge them. This will give you the funds you need to purchase the shirts through IFST.  You, as the coach, may consider designating one person (yourself, perhaps) to place the order on our website, where I will know how many shirts to order and have printed for the members on your team.  This process (one person registering for your team) will eliminate the need for each of your team members to create an account with our swim team.

To Pre-Order your 2015 Spook Splash T-shirts, please follow the directions below:

Go to: (this takes you to the IFST Piranhas Team Unify web page.)

Ø  Click on “Meets/Events” in the middle of the green toolbar at the top.

Ø  Scroll down to “Spook Splash 2015 T-Shirt Pre-Order

Ø  Click on “Register Online”

Ø  Click on “Register Now” (Red Button)

Ø  Click the third button down “I am a new user.  This is the email I want to use.”

Ø  Enter your information so we know who the shirts are for.  Click “Continue” and continue to  follow directions on each screen.

Ø  Check the Member(s) you wish to purchase a shirt for (if you are a coach doing this for your team, this will be your name.)  You must check a box. 

o   When checking the box next to the name, you will get a screen with that person’s name and info.  Under “*Register to this group”  please select your team in the drop-down menu.  Click “Continue”.

Ø  Enter in the white box how many of each size you wish to order.

o   Youth –Small, -Medium, -Large, Adult –Small, -Medium, -Large, -Xl, -XXL, -XXXL

o   Note that the XL-XXXL are $1 more per X.

Ø  Click “Submit Order”  Here you will see your total, and can enter your card number for payment. 

Ø  Click “Proceed to Checkout” where you can enter your billing information.

Ø  In the next screens, enter in your billing details and payment information.  A reminder that this is a secure website, and by entering this information, no money has to exchange hands.

Ø  When you Click “Submit Registration”, your card will be charged, and your order is taken.

Ø  You should get an email stating that you made a purchase, and what your order was for. 

Ø  Idaho Falls Swim Team will have your shirts ready for your team on Friday of the meet!

If you have any questions about the ordering process, please contact Deanna Poulsen at