Pentathlon and Sr meet news for outside teams

Both meets are at Granite Hills HS. The Pentathlon will run from 9:00am to approximately 12:45 pm with awards immediately after. Trophies are given for 1-8 overall place within the age based upon total fina points of the 5 events swum.

The Senior meet will run from 9:00 a.m. until about 2:00 pm with distance events beginning approximately 12:20 pm.

Pentathlon psyche sheet can be found here: Pentathlonpsyche.pdf.

Senior meet spyche sheet can be found here: Senior meetpsyche.pdf

Warmup information: Saturday warmups are split with warmup assignments below. Sunday warmups are not assigned, there are 19 lanes available for approximately 200 swimmers on Sunday. We ask that you plan your warmup at your discretion. Although it is likely that most teams will begin at 7:30, and be done by 8:15, there may be plenty of space available after those teams finish.

Saturday warmups: (cast swimmers in pent to show up at 6:30 a.m.)

          07:30-08:10:  SBA, PS, MRA, CNSA, HSA, SDAC, MVY, PAC

  • 08:10-08:50:  All other teams

Sunday warmups:(CAST swimmers to show up at 6:45a.m.) all other teams, unassigned - 7:30 - 8:50

Timing Assignments: We will be running 10 lanes on Saturday, and 8 lanes for the non-distance events on Sunday. Sundays distance events will be run in 10 lanes. Swimmers should be prepared to provide their own timers for Sunday's distance events.

Lane Saturday Sunday
1 NCA / NCA         RSD / RSD
2 NCA / NCA         RSD / RSD
3 NCA / NCA         RSD / SBA
4 SBA / SBA         SBA / SBA
5 SBA / MRA         PS / PS
6 RSD / RSD         PS / PS
7 RSD / CNSA         HSA / HSA
9 PAC / HSA  
10 PS / PS