Weekly News (Oct 12th to 17th)

Hello Panthers,

We are now heading into our peak training week of phase 2…, which also happens to be “Fly Week”,…that is not a coincidence! Please be ready to come in and train hard this week, you have a holiday the following week with plenty of time to rest.

Just FYI, when I refer to the different phases of our training, I am referring to the different sections of our yearly plan. Our whole year is split into 6 training phases and each one of these phases builds with intensity like a pyramid with a peak week intensity week at week 4 and then followed by one or two resting weeks depending on the time of year (not really resting, but less intense). If you would like to know more about this or any other parts of the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Important Notes:


October Break Training:

Last week a sign up link was sent out for all those wishing to train here at ISB during the upcoming October break. We will be using this sign up list to assign coaches, so please do not come to training if you have not signed up. Also, if you change your mind after signing up, please email me.  Here is the link for signing up.


Swim-a-thon: October 29th after school

We have only a couple weeks left until our annual fundraiser. Please use this time to get out and make a little money for Second Chance Bangkok. This is a great organization that we are going to try and work closer with in the future. They will be selling their amazing items at our swim meets this year, so let’s give them a little jump-start on October 29th. If every swimmer raises as little as 500 baht, we can donate 100,000 baht to their cause.  I have attached an information sheet to the bottom of this email so that our swimmers can print this out and help explain to prospective pledgers where the money is going.

As a bonus we will have great prizes, food and fun there to reward all the good efforts.


Swimfest Spirt Night: Friday November 13th SAVE THE DATE:

The night before Swimfest (and Splash) we have a team spirit night. This event is for our whole team and has all ages having fun and getting excited about the meet together. This year we are going to try something different. We are going to have our first ever Panther Swim Team Movie Night! Right after school we have book all of the MPB’s and will be showing swim movie “Touch The Wall”. Swimmers will be sitting together in multi-age groups and eating healthy fun snacks. Bring your pillows and PJs if you want, let’s make it a big party!

See the following link for the trailer of the movie


Singapore Fighting Fish Santa Clause Meet (November 28th and 29th):

Technically, the deadline for this meet has come and gone, but we currently have 27 swimmers committed. If we could push that number to 30, we could bring another coach and give these swimmers even more attention on race day. Let me know if there is any other interest out there.


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):

***ISB Swimfest (MANDATORY HOME MEET): November 14th and 15th

*** Senior Distance Time Trials: December 2nd (3:30 start)***

Second Chance Bangkok

Second Chance Bangkok is a social enterprise that believes in the value of Second Chances. We are located in Klong Toey, on the edge of Bangkok’s largest slum community. Our aim is to provide a safe community, dignified employment and opportunities for people from the slum to grow and develop.

We operate under the registered Thai foundation “Urban Neighbours of Hope”. Three principles help drive what we do:

Reuse: We value the earth, and everything in it, and want to play our part in reducing waste and caring for this planet and its limited resources. We accept donations of unwanted goods and make them accessible and affordable for those less fortunate in the Klong Toey community, by selling them in our second hand shop.

Recycle: Using pre-loved clothing and materials donated to SCB, women in our Upcycling team design and create a unique range of bags and giftware. From something unwanted, and discarded, something beautiful emerges. As a result, we are able to provide employment that is fair, sustainable and dignifying, and where we can celebrate the uniqueness and beauty within each person!

Renew: We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and should be valued regardless of social-economic status, sexuality, age or religion. We hope that through our project those involved will have a renewed sense of hope and self worth. Part of the work of SCB includes advocating for access to education and medical care, and more simple acts of visiting the sick and elderly in their homes.


Second Chance welcomes partnerships with schools and community groups and we highly value opportunities to build bridges and break down prejudices between those more fortunate and those often pushed to the margins of society.

Second Chance has partnered with many international schools in many ways. ISB’s year 3 has been proactive in getting involved for the past 2 years, where we have held numerous hands on workshops, and discussions about the importance of fair trade. The students also held a fair to sell our upcycled wares, which was a huge success!

We also shared part of our story at the service conference in January 2015, where we presented the keynote address to the students represented.

There are many ways groups can get involved! Here are some practical ways schools and other groups can get involved:

  • organise a collection of second hand items

  • collect fabrics and clothing for us to upcycle

  • volunteer to sell our upcycled wares

  • Organise a special sale event to sell our goods

  • hold fundraisers to promote our project and help us cover running costs

  • get your hands dirty and volunteer on one of our “clean up days”!


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,