Safe Sport Week kicks off with athlete training seminars in Concord and Indy

 Indiana Swimming kicks off Safe Sport Week
with athlete training seminars in Concord and Indianapolis 


Safe Sport Week is off and running as Indiana Swimming clubs are stepping up to take part in USA Swimming's online Athlete Protection training for parents and athletes.  The club(s) that show exemplary engagement to help create a positive culture through Safe Sport will earn a visit from a USA Swimming National team swimmer - Indiana University's own Lindsay Vrooman!

Concord Swim Club brought 32 swimmers for a Saturday morning athlete training workshop with Indiana Safe Sport Coordinator Paul Stauder at Elkhart's Concord High School.  The athletes watched the USA Swimming Athlete Protection training videos in a classroom, the engaged in thoughtful dialogue over real-world scenarios in bullying, boundary violations, team travel situations and questionable electronic communication examples.  

Also taking part was Concord's newly-appointed Safe Sport Coordinator, Jason Miller, who is now trained to conduct future seminars for new parents and athletes.  

Monday evening, Riviera Swim Club used part of its dry land time to host an athlete training workshop.  The athletes watching the USA Swimming training on their own time, so Paul spent the seminar session reviewing boundary training before going over scenario training and meeting with Rivi's booster board.  In addition to the 13 Riviera athletes who committed to Safe Sport education, ten Rivi parents also took the online parent training and the new bullying training recently made available to USA Swimming clubs.  

A shout out also goes to Noblesville Swim Club for appointing Bret Richardson as its Safe Sport Coordinator and starting athlete and parent online training.

By learning about USA Swimming's Safe Sport policies and how they can help shape a club's culture, Noblesville, Riviera and Concord are better prepared for a season focused on swimming fast and having fun in a positive environment for their swimming families.


Wednesday evening, Paul will conduct seminars for Valparaiso Swim Club athletes and parents beginning at 5:30pm CDT at Valpo High School.  Any club in the region is welcome to send a representative who wants to assume the role of Safe Sport Coordinator so they can observe the training and take what they learn back to their home club.

Thursday, Paul will visit the Terre Haute Torpedos for training sessions at T.H. South High School beginning at 4:00pm. Again, area clubs are welcome to send a Safe Sport representative. 

Saturday, Paul will be on the road in Ft. Wayne. 

Just contact Paul for details at or 317.408.3404.