2015-16 SCY and LCM Time Standards Posted

To: Michigan Swimming Clubs


RE: 2015-2016 Q1 Time Standards


Date: October 15, 2015



Dear Membership:


With this letter, we are publishing the 2015-16 Short Course and 2016 Long Course Time Standards.


Both Program Operations and Program Development, with support of the Meet Scheduling Committee and the Technical Committee, have reviewed the size of the State Meets over the past few years along with the formats. While there is much more work to be done to understand the long term best course of our Championship meets, there was an obvious need to do something.


We have addressed the size of the meets in two ways. A tightening of the time standards and a small shift in our 13-14 and Open meet format. These were presented to the MS BOD and accepted as changes for the 2015-16 Short Course and Long Course Seasons.


We recognize that the Q1 time standards are going to be a significant change in some areas. The work done to improve the timelines has resulted in a goal number of heats, which translated to a number of swimmers per event. The growing number of athletes in the LSC was also considered. We will be monitoring the impact on the athletes for the season. There is always the concern that too drastic a change could be made, however a smaller step was taken last year and the athletes simply achieved a higher performance level and our meets were again crowded.


The change in the 13-14 & Open Format for 2015-16 Season was in adding a Thursday night session for the 1,650 event. This should allow a rebalancing of the rest the meet’s events, along with the tighter cuts, to accomplish better timelines with these two age divisions.


We felt it best to reach out to you all to keep you aware of what was being done short term while we continue to work a long term solution, and, to assure the membership that we are monitoring the impact of these cuts.





Mike Cutler & Steve Shipps

Program Operations Co-Vice Chairs


Josh Morgan

Program Development Vice Chair


Please click-on the following link to access the new 2015-2016 Michigan Swimming time standards:


You can also access the time standard information from our Kingfish website under the "Compete" tab.