Home Meet Report

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The Hood River Valley Swim Team had a very successful home swim meet to start their season Oct 16-18. Special congratulations to our 17 swimmers who competed in their very swim meet meet this past weekend - Corbett Blackman, Massimo Blanco, Athelea Brevard, Willow Cohen, Juliet Crain, Georgia DeResta, Dylan Durand, Henry Durand, Colin Gerald, Mallory Keller, Rowan McKenna, Hannah Roser, James Schofield, Oliver Schofield, Anna Southall, Meg Tappert and Annabel Webster.

Swimmers with 100% best times for the weekend included Adam Burke, Sophie Helleberg, Clayton Lee and Maria Sandoval. Swimmers with 6 personal bests included Marina Castaneda, Max Graves, Campbell Keller and Nora Sandoval. Swimmers with 3-4 best times included Celilo Brun, Jesse Elliott, Michelle Graves, Abby McCormack, Catie Shuster and Sarah Wang. Athletes that improved either one or two personal best times were Bree Albiston, Maya Arndt, Allie Burke, Sequoia Cohen, Claire Couvreux, Amy Elliott, Miyuki Gerald, Colette Hyde, Zan Lapp, Alea McCarty, Faith Ocheskey, Will O'Neill, Xavier Petersen, Leah Sandoval, Nadia Smith, Thea Smith, Isabel Taylor, Lucy Taylor, Lillie Tomlinson, Sky Viavoda-Kerr and Fergus Waag.

Swims of special mention include Adam Burkes 200 yd IM where he dropped 65 seconds, Marina Castaneda's 27 sec drop in her 200 yd IM, Amy Elliott's 27 second improvement in her 100 yd IM, Max Graves 28 second improvement in his 100 yd freestyle, 7 yr old Leah Sandoval's 24 second improvement in her 25 yd backstroke and Maria Sandoval's 28 second drop in her 500 yd freestyle.

The Hood River Valley Swim Team would like to give special thanks to our meet sponsor, Your Rental and Party Center for their support and donations to the swim team, and to the Hood River Valley Parks and Recreation Department for their support and upkeep of the swimming facility. It is not too late to join our winter swim season. For more information contact head coach Shelly Rawding at 509-637-4051.