Zone cuts and coach/team registration info


1.  Team registration should be completed ASAP.  Your $50 team registration fee (made of to Y-USA) should be sent to:

Jodi Clute

c/o Geauga YMCA

12460 Bass Lake Rd. 

Chardon, OH  44024


2.  Coach Registrations:  NEW this year!!!  Must be completed by December 1, 2015.  This is sneaking up quickly in just a little more than one month.  All coach registrations can be completed on this website--see the home page for the spot that says coach registrations.  If you are a team unify customer-- there is a new menu on the left side of your team's website called YMCA Admin-- you can register there.  OR  You have 3 choices!  Please upload all of your certifications directly to the website.  Do not send them to me (exception is the workbook for the principles class which should be scanned and emailed to  All Safety Training for Swim Coaches, Lifeguard w/ the STFSC online piece, CPR, First Aid and Principles certs must be uploaded for me to be able to approve you.  I don't even get the option to click on the ok button until the uploads are present.  Many of your certs from the old website transferred over-- some did not.  I have no control over this.  If you don't see your info uploaded, please be kind and upload it again.  


3.  Zone qualifying times can be found here while the website is a work in progress:


As always, let me know if you have any questions.  Email is the best way to catch me--  Have a Happy Halloween!!