Coog Kit

Hi All 

The meet swim suits that were missing in the last order should be through some time in the next week. If you haven't ordered a meet suit yet and would like one, you can order them direct from D&J sports. They don't have the suit link on our website yet but if you contact them they know what suit is ours. 

With regards to practice suits. If you would like to order more then, again, please contact D&J direct. Their link is on our website. You can also order the suits through  (both of these suppliers are our team sponsors and so we get a discount if codes are used). The codes and links for both sites can be found on our website. 

As parents of swimmers who are young, or relatively new to swimming, they're is a tendency to order suits too large. The suits will stretch, no matter what size you order. In order for the suits to last longer, make sure to order a smaller size. For meet suits, they should be very tight! Just like a second skin. Practice suits still need to be tight but not as tight as meet suits. As an example for boys, the swimmers in senior red are wearing 28s for practice, the girls are wearing 26 or 28 depending on cut. Something else that lengthens the longevity of the suit is do not wash it!!! After use, rinse in COLD water then fold in a towel to get off the majority of the water, don't ring the suit as that stretches it. When you get home, you can hang dry it, do not put it in a dryer!!! 

The parkas should be through in the next couple of weeks, just in time for the cooler weather. If you have any questions about those, please contact D&J. 

I will be placing a new order for hoodies once I have enough people interested. If you would like a hoodie, please email me with the desired color and size. Payment for the hoodies will be taken through your online account after delivery. 

If you have any other questions about Coog Kit then please speak to your swimmers Coach. 



Greg Orphanides
Head Coach
Houston Cougar Aquatic Sports
(832) 244 5503