Peanut Butter and Soup Drive!

This holiday, we will be holding a peanut butter drive! What does that mean you ask? Well, peanut butter is expensive - but full of protein and energy for growing kids. So we are collecting family size peanut butter jars to donate to the food bank. We also want to support the warming shelter - and their needs are slightly different. They could really use the 15 oz individual serving microwaveable bowls of Campbell soups. Our team goal is 100 family size jars of peanut butter and 200 microwaveable bowls of the Campbells soup to support both organizations here in town!   

We will begin to collect these items this week, and will gather them until December 10th, so on the 11th we can count, weight and bring our donations to the food bank and warming shelter. We will divide the swimmers up into smaller groups to have a little mini competition among them on what group can bring in the most. The winners will get to write up a workout and be 'coach' on deck for a day. We would love to exceed our goal, and I will invite our masters swimmers to participate in this with us as well! The last time we did this, another organization donated milk to the food bank to go along with the peanut butter... Let's go team. We can do this!