Age Group Highlights of Orinda's C/B/A+



We had the largest turn out Age Group swimming has seen in a long time! Swimming a meet is a great way to see your improvements and where you still need to improve on. I look forward to see all the swimmers continue to improve.

8 & UNDERS. I was so excited to see all the young bat rays swimming their best this past weekend! In their first ever club meet for EBA, we had Tran Doan and Emma Gyorkos for the girls looking like pro’s winning their heats, while the competitive Walters brothers, Wyatt and Logan, getting times in the 25 free. Mischa Parmar had a positive attitude and a contagious smile while she got best times in all of her events. Marcus Blake, Lars Lund, and Mark Zaydman raced hard while achieving best times in their freestyle events. Aiden and Angelo Mindanao had their coaches and teammates at the edge of their seats watching the close races between these two studs. Simon Li gave it his all while achieving 4 personal bests.

9-10. EBA was proud to see Kamaya Maloof, Myles Tavares, Khang Doan and Anthony Molettieri all do their very best as they competed in their first club meet. These athletes have a bright future as they continue to compete. Samantha Li, Jennifer Mi, Daphne Thoedore, and Emily Walters all had great races and achieved personal bests. Their hard work, dedication, and positive attitude is really paying off! Aj Branchaud, Sean Cooney, and Xander Mindanao were all courageous enough to swim first time events. Aaron Walters killed it by achieving best times in all his events!

11-12. Olivia Warren and Alyssa Zaydman looked strong as they got personal bests in every event they swam! Keep up the good work ladies. Bianca Yoos joined the team just this fall and competed for the first time. She had a great attitude and raced with confidence, can’t wait to see what she can do in the future! Isabella Siu had 2 of 2 personal bests in 50 free and 200 breast. Wesley Chen had a good 100 free and Nicholas Falk competed for the first time in the 11-12 age group with a best 200 IM. Grant Panus, Tobias Taylor and Benjamin Torrence are starting to pick up some momentum as they achieved personal bests in all of their races! Caden Liang’s well deserved 3 personal records are due to his hard work and dedication to his sport. Joey Molettieri continues to be role model as he was the only AG2 swimmer to take on a full plate of events (4 events per day, total of 8). Nice work you guys!

Race of the Meet. The 9-10 girls 100 Fly was the race of the meet. Kendall Branchaud, Daphne Theodore, and Jennifer Mi were the only 3 girls to swim the 100 fly. These girls were in the same heat, all within 4 lanes of each other, and swam it terrifically. Their technique has improved tremendously and they finished the race with all their might. Keep flying away!

Swimmers of the Meet. Kendall Branchaud and Colin Sutedja are the swimmers of the meet. These two swimmers had a great, positive mindset going into each race which allowed them to give best effort in their races. These two swimmers have great attention to detail, focusing on the little skills they learn at practice. Can’t wait to see them race at the next meet!

Next Meet. The next meet is already closed. It will be the AAA Zone 2 on Nov. 14/15 @ Albany Aquatics Center. Our LAST meet of the fall, SRVLA C/B/A+ opens Nov. 7!! Be sure everyone signs up early for the last meet before 2016!


Stay awesome team,

Coach Jason