Weekly News (Nov 9th-14th)

Hello Panthers,

Last week of preparation for our big home meet this weekend. We have almost 1000 swimmers and it is going to be busy. For this reason, we really need all of our swimmers here early and ready to swim.

If this is your first big meet, then remember to relax and just enjoy your self. This is what we work so hard for, to have fun filled days like these.

Important Notes:


Almost all the money in from our Swim-a-thon and we are well over 100,000 baht, so our friends at Second Chance Bangkok are going to be overjoyed.

Our top fund raisers this year are Andreas Miller ((14,288) and Ben O’Connell (13,420). For their efforts, these two will receive water proof MP3 players; well done.


Swimfest 2015:

5 days away! Because of the size of this meet our Saturday morning is going to get a little bit earlier. Our 10 and under swimmers will be on deck for warm up at 6:25 sharp. In the afternoon, 11 and over swimmers will start warm up at 1:20pm. Sunday morning all swimmers will be on deck for warm up at 6:55. This meet is going to be very fast and swimmers must be ready for their races and on deck through out the day or they will miss their races.

We will send out the program tomorrow and a more in depth set of instructions for the meet.

Uniform: Yellow Cap, Black Shirt (Saturday), Yellow Shirt (Sunday)

Goggles, swim suit and Towel (extras if you have them)

Healthy Snacks (see website for good ideas) NO JUNK FOOD, it makes our swimmers slow.


No dry land training for 11 and over this week:

Coach Indera has informed me that the swimmers are working hard during dryland and they are getting noticeably stronger, but they are very sore during the week. With a big meet coming this weekend, we thought it best to be rested. It will resume the following week.


Swimfest Rest Day, Monday November 16th (NO PRACTICE):

For those of new to the team, the Monday following big meets is a day of rest and time to catch up on schoolwork. Feel free to come to Friday practice that week to make up the swim day.


Swimfest Spirt Night: Friday November 13th 2:15 MPB rooms:

Go to the MPB rooms directly after school (at the top of the zig zag path, right above the panther) and we will get the movie started as soon as we all get snacks and get seated.


Timer clinic for parents (at movie night):

If you are timing or interested in timing at one of our meets, we are holding a timing clinic during the movie night this Friday after school at the same area (MPB 1).  

TYR Team Sponsorship: Did you miss your swim suit sizing?

If you missed one of the sizing sessions please contact coach Day so we can get your measurements to the company. This will be part of uniform and you need to have one.

Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):

*** Senior Distance Time Trials: December 2nd (3:30 start)***

***ISB Snowflake Jr. Mini Meet (Dec 8, 2:30 start)***

This is a fun meet with St. Andrews Samakee and Harrow for 10 and under swimmers only.

***ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 5/6)MANDATORY***

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,