Weekly News (Nov 16th -21st)

Hello Panthers,

Hope everyone enjoyed their day off and got caught up on their homework. On behalf of your coaching staff let me just tell you how proud we are of all of our swimmers. There was a brilliant level of effort, skilled swimming and a great sense of team pride exhibited all weekend long. Also... absolutely everyone wore the right shirt on the right day…well done!

So in the end, we came second to a very strong team from Patana. Being second best team in a meet with 20 teams is pretty good…next year we will do our best to get that top spot.  


Important Notes:

Swimfest Volunteer Appreciations:

As I said Sunday night, thank you all so much. With out the parents doing their individual parts we would not have any swim meets, let alone the largest one in Thailand. Extra special thanks to all the board members that put countless hours in preparing for this meet; many parents put in 14 hour days, which I can assure you is way beyond the min volunteer hours.

High School team off to JIS for IASAS Exchange this weekend:

IASAS Exchange is a warm up meet for the IASAS Championships taking place at SAS at the end of February. If you see our big kids, say good luck.

TYR Team Sponsorship: Changing our Swim Suit choices:

I apologize for all the measurement emails and countless misunderstandings over our new race suits. We have now decided against TYR making us special order suit (was only the color) and will be going with one of their production suits. This means we can order the suits they make at the sizes they make. We will bring is samples to try. This should be a much easier process and in the end we will get the suits faster. We will get details on this asap.

Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):

*** Senior Distance Time Trials: December 2nd (3:30 start)***

***ISB Snowflake Jr. Mini Meet (Dec 8, 2:30 start)***

This is a fun meet with St. Andrews Samakee and Harrow for 10 and under swimmers only.

***ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 5/6)MANDATORY***

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,