Fall invitational 2015

This year’s successful Fall Invitational saw 300 swimmers from 22 teams competing from the Jakarta area, Singapore, Solo, Bali and Kalimantan. 38 New Records were broken including 5 records by AquaDragons/JIS Varsity swimmers. Here is a summary of the meet:

New Records
Veronica Stureborg,  100mButterfly (1:08.09), AquaDragons and Varsity  Record, ​

Madoka Hoizumi, Ayanna Wu, Mansi Topandasani, Seung Min Woo,  Girls 11/12, 4x50m Freestyle Relay (2:06.36), AquaDragons and Cilandak Pool Record 

Jade Dharmadji, Audree Khalishah, Clarissa Gunadharma, Stephanie Kieft - Girls 4x50m Freestyle Relay (1:58.24), Varsity Record

Results can be found online by going to Achievements Meet Results OR going to Meet Results and clicking on your swimmer’s name OR going to Meet Mobile and searching for AquaDragons Fall Invitational 2015


Top 10 FINA Points achievers from the AquaDragons and JIS Varsity Teams at the Fall invitational

9 year old Girls - 2nd Micky Vincent, 4th Amelie Von Harrach, 5th Amelie Tanoyo, 8th Dana Shaheen 9 year old Boys - 6th Jihun Kim, 9th Dante Dorr
10 year old Girls - 8th Yuna Kono
10 year old Boys -
2nd Amos Tanoyo, 8th Drake Rolandi, 10th Hugo Voy

11 year old Girls - 4th Marin Kobayashi, 7th Karen Yambao, 8th Minseo Choi, 9th Seojin Ryu 11 year old Boys - 8th Beomsoo Kim

12 year old Girls - 4th Ayanna Wu, 5th Mansi Topandasani, 6th Lieve Olufsen (ex-AquaDragon visiting from KL!!!), 8th Seung Min Woo, 9th Madoka Hoizumi

12 year old Boys - 3rd Joshua Priosoetanto, 4th Ali Shaheen, 5th Taiga Kontani, 7th Karll Yambao, 10th Masato Hoizumi 13-14 year old Girls - 4th Katherine Pashen, 6th Stephanie Kieft, 10th Lilli Seubert
13-14 year old Boys -
2nd Jamie Jenviphakul, 3rd Kent Suhadi, 4th Fredric Ngo
15 & Over Girls - 4th Veronica Stureborg, 5th Kelly Arifin, 8th Riwa Tamai

15 & Over Boys - 4th Arief Rowe, 5th Rizal Rowe, 6th John Bergin, 8th Yehwan Shin, 9th Abel Tan

Congratulations to all participants!

Thank you to all of our volunteers at the meet. We could not run these meets without your help! Special thanks to our Volunteer Coordinators Imelda Tanoyo (also our announcer all meet), Anu Marti and Tuty Bergin, our computer personnel Fanny Fadhilla, Natasha Soedjono, Bayu Nugroho and Carolina Stureborg, our Stroke and Turn Judges Holger Seubert, Wail Shaheen, Monika Regenfuss, Diane Ngo, our coaches Coach Rohim (starter and stroke judge), Coach Hamzah (turn judge), Coach Arif (turn judge, head timekeeper), Coach Yori (stroke and turn judge), Coach Rina, Coach Renni, Coach Berman, Coach Indra, Coach Daniel (turn judge) and of course Coach Jenny, to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts who sold the baked goods, fruit and drinks essential to satisfy our thirst and hunger needs at the meet and to our CAS students who covered 20 needed timekeeper (and other) positions during the course of the meet.