Weekly News (Nov 16th -21st)

Hello Panthers,

Light week information wise for the swim team; I think everyone is still recovering from the Swimfest weekend. Our high school team did not get a rest this weekend as they were off to Jakarta to represent ISB. They did a great job of that by the way, the other IASAS schools will be gunning for both the boys and girls teams after some great performances. Most notable was Tar Tar Jarusinchai (grade 10), who broke two school records, the 200 and 400 free with times of 1:56.4 and 4:11.9 respectively.

This coming up weekend we will be traveling with 25 swimmers and their families to Singapore to compete in the SAS Santa Claus Meet. So wish those swimmers good luck if you see them at the pool.

Important Notes:

TYR Team Sponsorship: Demo suits for sizing: date to be set soon:

The whole swim suit situation just got a lot easier. TYR will be stock sizes of all their suits for us to try on. In some cases they will bring enough stock with them to give out immediately. For the rest, they will order from overseas and we will have them well before Splash. Great news, can’t wait to see them.

Senior Distance Time Trials (Parents don’t be scared):

I have had some parents asking about the distance time trials and if their swimmers are ready for these longer swims…my answer is simple…YES!

The reason we started these time trials was because many of our older swimmers had not experienced middle to long distance swims by the time they got to high school. So when we went to a meet with these distances, the swimmers were inexperienced at best, or worst...scared to death. So the sooner you can start trying these distances, the sooner you become more familiar with them…and maybe even begin to love long distance events!

Changing the Game: just in case you missed it!

Last week I sent out a TED talk about why kids drop out of sport. This is a great bit of information for all parents who have kids in sport. I love sports; my whole entire life has revolved around sports. It is a dream of mine to have my coaching life include my own children some day. So if the data is telling us that 75% of kids drop out of sport, I want to know what to do to make sure my kids aren’t part of that statistic. Reading the articles from the “Changing the Game Project” website and watching that TED talk has already adjusted how I speak to my own children about sport. I have honestly said at least 5 times last week…”Piper, I just love to watch you play”. She has not been happier with her soccer game and gymnastics classes. So it is my hope that our swimmers get to hear sometime soon...“I just love to watch you swim”!


Winter Break Training: Save the dates (Google Doc for sign up will come out next week:

All training will be from 8:00am to 9:30am

Dec 21, 22, 23, 28,29,30 January 4,5,7 & 8


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


*** Senior Distance Time Trials: December 2nd (3:30 start)***

***ISB Snowflake Jr. Mini Meet (Dec 8, 2:30 start)***

This is a fun meet with St. Andrews Samakee and Harrow for 10 and under swimmers only.

***ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 5/6)MANDATORY***

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,