Dudley's Bread Sale Fundraiser




CAST will be selling Dudley’s bread for our next fund-raiser.  Our goal of 25 loaves per family will bring a minimum of $3,000 to the team.  The profit for each loaf sold averages $1.60 per loaf.  All CAST families are expected to participate, as this fund-raiser is one that helps to keep the team in the pool!  Remember, fees alone do not cover all our expenses.  If your family chooses not to sell bread, please plan to make a donation of $40 to the team.  If your family sells less than 25 loaves, please make up the difference times $1.60. Remember, all donations are tax deductible! One volunteer credit for every 25 loaves sold or $40 donated will be awarded.


All loaves of bread including fruit bars sell for $4.00.  Money for the bread should be collected when an order is placed.  All checks should be made out to "CAST".  Order forms are available at the back of the file box or by clicking here.  The forms and all money should be turned in at the pool on or before Friday, Mar 7th.  The bread will be ordered early Saturday morning, the 8th, so please have your orders in by Friday.  Prizes will be awarded to the top four sellers.

TOP SELLER   -        $100 SCRIP

SECOND           -       $50 SCRIP

THIRD              -       $25 SCRIP




The bread will be available during practice on Wednesday, Mar. 12th. It must be picked up then!  The Kroc center has hungry mice, so if it is not picked up, the Kroc center mice will be very happy! After picking up their bread, each swimmer and their family should plan on delivering the bread as soon as possible, and no later than the following afternoon.  Please deliver it fresh! Our bread is fresher than Dudleys sold in the stores and it is also 89 cents cheaper!!!





Wed., February 20th -- Pick up forms from files and start selling bread!


Thurs., March 6th or Fri., March 7th -- Money and order forms due


Wed., March 12th -- Pick up and delivery

 IMPORTANT! Since we do not have an adequate place to store boxes, we must ask you to supply your own boxes or containers. You will need to supply enough boxes to carry home your bread order on the day of pick up.  Banana boxes, apple boxes and Xerox boxes are good choices. There are several grocery stores in close vicinity of the Kroc Center where you can ask for boxes.  Plan on ten loaves per box. That is only three boxes if you sell 25 loaves.  Do not plan to carry the bread home in large bags—the bread will be crushed, and we have an agreement with Dudleys not to deliver smashed bread. The bread will arrive at the pool between 4:00 and 5:00.  Please plan to pick it up then so our bread sorters don’t have to wait around wondering where you are.


If you are able to drive to Dudley’s to pick up bread on Wednesday, March 12th, we need drivers with minivans or vans or large SUV’s, or camper covered trucks.  Please let Shirley Wickerd (619) 561-1327 know if you can help.  Volunteer credits will be awarded for time spent doing this.  You will leave at approx 12:30, load bread at 2:00 and return by 4:00.