Canby IMX/IMR Meet Report

Great swims for our team in Canby! Miyuki had 100% best times with a 17 second drop in her 50yd butterfly on her first event. Wow! Nora had 4 best times, including a 15 second drop in her 100 yd backstroke and 12 sec drop in the 100 yd butterfly. Celilo had 3 personal bests including a 6 sec drop in her 400 yd IM - and now she is just half a second off that 'A' time in that event. Dhani swam on Sunday and had a great 200 yd breaststroke swim with a time that was just off her best. And the Smith family had 100% improvement in their flys! Jade knocked 15 seconds off her 100 yd fly (wow!) and also had a 4 sec drop in the 100 yd breaststroke, Thea swam to a best time by nearly 4 seconds in the 50 fly, and Nadia dropped a second off her 200 yd fly as well. Well done team!