Team/Coach Registration deadline tomorrow



1.  How can I get a copy of my principles certificate?   It will be listed on your Y transcript on the LCDC through Y-exchange.  Even if you cannot print the actual certificate- you'll be able to print the screen that lists the courses you've completed and it will say Principles and the date you completed it.  Attached that and you'll be good.  If you need help with LCDC or Y-exchange, click on HELP on the LCDC website or call 1-800-872-9622.


2.  How can I get a copy of my STFSC certificate?  Call the Red Cross customer support folks at 1-800-RED-CROSS.  They should be able to look you up by your name and email and resend your certificate.


3.  How can I tell if I'm approved?  Visit the national website.  It will tell you right there the status of your registration.  If your $50 registration check hasn't arrived yet it will say something like approved pending team payment (or something similar).


4.  Other specific instructions can be found on the regional website under the news tab.


5.  I will be at practice from in a couple minutes until around 8:30pm.  Our team practices off-site.  I will check my email around 9:00pm for last minute questions.