CAST swimmers going to nationals


This week I will be traveling to the USA Swimming National Championships with two of our athletes: Carlson Temple and Sarah Nowaski.

Whether you know Carlson and Sarah or not, take a moment to say, “yeah”, Go CAST!

Some might question why a team would send one coach away for most of a week for just a couple of swimmers. Here are some articles from other coaches of what this means to a team and why it's important:

Very few swimmers reach this level while in high school. To give a perspective. There are only 3 high school age swimmers in San Diego who are attending Winter Nationals – 2 of them are from CAST.

We have a structure at CAST that really does allow kids to develop from being young novice swimmers to national competitors. Does this mean all swimmers will get there? Of course not. Most swimmers won't reach national levels. Nationals represents the top 4-5% of the swimmers in the nation. And the top end of the meet is really really hard to get to while in high school. The average age of men seeded in the top 8 at this year's meet is 24, and women seeded in the top 8 is 21.5.

Whether you're on the path to put everything toward being the best you can be as a swimmer, or you're just swimming because you enjoy competing and want to get a little better, there's a spot for you. If your path with CAST leads you compete at A/B/ and C level or high school, or maybe even college, it should be good to know that if your ability, circumstances and desire do lead you to want to become the best swimmer you can be – you're in good hands.

A few more words about this year's winter nationals.... Yes Michael Phelps will be there as well as many many other Olympians....Natalie Coughlin, Nathan Adrian, Matt Grevers, Cullen Jones, Amanda Weir, Elizabeth Beisel to name just a few. As well this winter's meet is an “Open” meet so there are Many Olympians from other countries who will be attending: Vlad Morozov, Yulia Efimova, Arkady Viatchinin, Grant Hacket, Ous Melouli, and many more.... Most of these names are ones you probably don't know. Suffice to say it's an honor to be at this level, and Sarah and Carlson are climbin' the ladder.

Wish them luck on the CAST facebook page:

We also have 10 swimmers who will be attending the CA-NV Sectionals meet later this month, as well as over 50 swimmers attending the San Diego Winter Age Group Championships. We'll get you more info on those swimmers and meets as we get a little closer.

Next week I'll write a little about another swimmer we have, Gracie Lockwood, who will be traveling with Coach Megan to CAN-AM disability nationals.

Coach Dave