Coach DawnElla's Meet Recap: CNSA A/B Meet Dec 4-6 2015

December 4-6, 2015 marked the return of swim meets to the BBMAC in Coronado. The pool deck has been redone and the pools have new and improved lighting. The place looks great.

On Friday night Dylan R swam the 500 and though the race did not go the way she wanted it to she deserves special recognition for completing the entire race in a respectable time with her goggles down around her neck from the get go. I admire her positive attitude. Natalie D decided to try the mile – for the first time EVER. Natalie had a great race and got the JO cut. Congratulations – you’ll get to do it again!

The meet moved fast. Over Saturday and Sunday afternoons we had BEST TIMES for: Frangelina (200 fr 50 fr 100 fr) Chris (200 fr 100 fr) Maddie L (200 fly) Carina (200 fly) Cassidy (200 fly) Taylor M (200 br) Shelby (100 bk 50 fr) Valerie (50 fr) Maegan C (200 bk).

Recognition for GOOD SWIMS to: Peter (500 fr) Frangelina (100 bk) Gillian (100 bk 200 IM) Natalia (100 fly) Shelby (100 fr) Maegan (500 fr) and Sydney (500 fr).

 Nice job everyone – keep working hard.