Weekly News (Dec 7th to 12th)

Hello Panthers,

What a short week we have this week. I was trying to squeeze a Nichada Residents only work out on Friday, but it looks like we will have back to back long weekends. The school is closing down for all after school activities, to ensure that all students make it home in a timely manner. So let’s make sure we get out to the practices we do have this week and get in the best work out we can.

Today is our fun meet (Snowflake) with St. Andrews, we will warm up at our normal practice time and then you coaches will help you figure out your lanes and heats. We have plenty of time as SAS has to travel here.


Important Notes:


No Training on Friday December 11th: ISB Closed for ASA


Winter Break Training Sign Up:

There is still time to sign up for winter training over the holiday. All practices will take place at 8:00am. 10 and under will be one hour and 11 and over will be 1.5 hours.

Please fill in the following google doc if you would like to train during the winter break.


Semester 2 Registration Opens January 11th

If you swam for Semester 1 you only need to register online, there is no tryout process. Everyone keeps swimming with their current squads unless you are aging up to a new squad.


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


***ANS Titans Sprint Challenge Feb 13th 14&under***

*** Martin’s Cup (Thai National Qualifying Meet) Feb 20-22***

***ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 5/6)MANDATORY***

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,