Coach Deck Passes to be Mailed 1st week in January

All coaches who have been verified will be receiving deck passes the 1st week of January IF YOU INDICATED DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCESS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE ONE.  You can still log into your profile and an request one by chosing the "YES" please send me a deck pass option.    One envelope per team with all deck passes will be sent to the YMCA address on record to save on postage.


Also during the 1st week in January, a list of current, verified coaches will be posted on this website an updated weekly.  This list supercedes any deck passes as coaches who's certs have expired will no longer appear on the list.  All teams hosting sanctioned meets should refer to this list to develop a list of coaches who will have deck access.  


Any questions-- check your profile 1st and then if you still have questions--  


Happy Holiday!