SAC Updates

* Practice this week: There will be no dryland tonight. Group 2 swims 6-7, group 3 swims 7-8, and groups 4&5 will swim from 6-8. Tomorrow, we are on a modified schedule due to a high school home meet. Groups 1, 4, and 5 will swim from 7-8pm. On Wednesday, we'd like to invite ALL GROUPS to participate in a team practice from 6-7:30pm. Each group will practice for about 45 minutes, followed by 45 minutes of holiday-themed relays. Yes, some of them get goofy and will be a lot of fun for our swimmers to join together prior to breaking for the holidays! There will be no practice on Thursday or Friday.


* Next week: Practice will run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Groups 4-5 will swim each day from 12:30-2pm. Group 1 will swim Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm. Group 2 may swim each day 12:30-1:15 and Group 3 may swim 1:15-2:00 each day. There is no practice next Monday or Friday.


* On behalf of the coaching staff, I want to thank everyone for your commitment and participation in our program, and wish you the very best over the holiday season!!!