Age Groupers at the SRVLA CBA meet

SRVLA C/B/A+ Age Groupers

8 & unders. The 8 & unders were very impressive at this meet, toughing out the rain and the cold while not echoing a single complaint. Tran Doan and Emma Gyorkos attended the rainy half of the two day meet while still matching best times for their last club meet of the season. The two ladies did a tremendous job this fall and we look forward to seeing them next fall. It was Anna Salter’s very first club meet and was able to show off her rapidly improving dive. Mischa Parmar, Marcus Blake, Mark Zaydman and Simon Li all achieved personal best times in at least one of their races. The twins Aidan and Angelo Mindanao both achieved “B” times and provided entertaining races as always. Great job kiddos!

9-10. This age group also had an impressive showing this past weekend. These swimmers demonstrated that hard work on stroke technique and skills pays off. Anthony Molettieri and Alexander Mindanao were perfect examples of this as their focus was on racing with good technique and skills they learn in practice, and it paid off with great swims. Mhyles Tavares, Makenna Monteiro, and Jennifer Mi all achieved personal best times as a result of hard work as well. Samantha Li had a great 500 Free for the first time while Daphne Theodore dropped over a MINUTE in her 500 Free! We also say goodbye to Khang Doan as it was his last club meet of the season. We wish him the best on his summer season!

11-12. We didn’t have the perfect meet due to uncontrollable conditions such as rain and cold, but took advantage of it as a learning experience. We experimented with different ways to stay warm heats before their own, as well as highlighted mistakes that let the cold affect their swimming. Olivia Warren had a full plate last weekend. She did not drop any time in her events but had great attention to detail and an amazing fall season, she will be missed in the spring. Bianca Yoos stood out as a model swimmer by asking questions when she was unsure of her race. Alyssa Zaydman achieved best times in her breaststroke and IM events. Caden Liang stood out in the boys age group swimming 7 events and getting 7 personal bests, great job boys! The rest of the boys raced smart and ended the season on a positive note.

Coach Jason