Spring Practice Changes for GAC

GAC STAR Swimmers & Parents,

  As you all know, we are very fortunate to have the GAC located here so conveniently.  It has provided multiple practice options, meet opportunities and growth to the sport of swimming here in the Triad.  It is one of the best facilities on the east coast and in the country and that is supported by the fact that big meets continue to host their events here because it is a fast pool.

  With that being said, when these meet come into town (which are needed to support the facility) then it affects our practice locations and times as we have to work to secure pool space at the limited other facilities in town.  That is not an easy task as the demand obviously increases greatly during that time.

  This year the GAC is hosting the ACC Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships, ODAC Championships, YMCA Nationals, Master’s Nationals and NCAA Division III Nationals.  Most of these events run Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday.

  This will be a great opportunity for us to see some great swimming and also for us to get involved in helping and volunteering to support these events and swimming in Greensboro.  It will also mean that we will be adjusting our location and schedule on the days that these events are in town.

  I have attached a schedule here that list each day that we are effected and when the adjusted practice time will be.  I have labeled each day with “A”, “P” or “B” which means AM only, PM only or Both AM and PM.  Our AM practice times during the week will stay the same but the afternoon practice times will have to be moved back until later in the evening.  Our alternate location will be Greensboro College who has been very gracious to accommodate all of our dates.  Please look over the schedule, print a copy and keep it with you!

  An alternative option to going at the later time to Greensboro College would be to attend the SportsCenter location as there times are similar to the ones at the GAC.

  I am sending this to everyone just in case the changes affect the days that some of you may be visiting GAC for practice.

  Please check with your coach if you have any questions feel free to give me a call.

  Thanks for your understanding and support of these swimming events!

  Coach Jay