Long Course Season

STAR Swimmers & Parents,

  I hope everyone is getting back onto schedule now that the holidays are over and that your New Year is getting off to a great start!  As we kick off 2016 I wanted to go ahead and get our long course meet schedule published to help you with your planning, so it is attached here.  I know that it seems a long way away but it will be here in no time so please take a few minutes to look it over and try to plan around meets where possible.

  Also note that we do have Senior and Age Group Trips planned.  Morgan and Hayden are finalizing the cost and schedule for these and we should have information out shortly.

  In case you are new to year round swimming let me explain long course and our goals for the swimmers.

  First off just to clarify, long course is when meets are swum with the pool a distance of 50 meters versus what we do now which is short course or 25 yards.  The long course meets start in April when we have a Friday Night Races meet but our practice schedule and the pool set up stay the same until school is out in June.  There are several long course meet before this time that are great opportunities for the swimmers to try it out before the summer.

  When we get to the summer we know everyone’s schedule is hectic and that most of you swim for a summer league team, which is great.  What we encourage you to do is try to stay on with us and try a few long course meets over the summer to help you continue to improve on things we have been working on and help you better prepare for next season.  So mix STAR with your summer league team.  Our practice schedule will change during this time due to pool availability and the summer schedule.

  If you have any questions as the time approaches then please talk with your coach!


Coach Jay