Hell Week 2015

 HOT team completes fourth annual ‘Hell Week’


Each New Year’s Day, the HOT Swim Team challenges their ‘senior’ swimmers who have successfully completed ‘Hell Week’ to celebrate the 1st by swimming a timed mile to kick off another year of swimming competition.  Hell Week consisted of a 30,000 plus yard workout between Christmas and New Years’ day.  The challenge was only open to the more experienced swimmers on the team and returning college age swimmers.

“The 6,000 plus yard workout each day is equivalent to running 60 lengths of a football field filled with water up to your neck in less than two hours.” This “hellish” workout was designed to greatly improve the swimmers’ aerobic base leading into the Championship season. Only the strongest and most ardent swimmers come to Hell Week each year when family travel plans don’t conflict” Coach Carr said.  

Participants this year were:  Ariana Anderson, Jordan Anderson, Anna Kate Goodson, Elianna Ivers, Elijah Junker, Ella Junker, Maeve Junker, Antonio Martinez, Kate McDonald, Robyn Remschel, Holly Robinson, Sarah Schmidt, Emma Shepard, Maggie Shepard, and Alli Van Epps, plus guest USAS swimmer, Emma Seward from Canyons Aquatic Club, Santa Clarita, CA.  

Results for the 1,650 Yd. mile were reported by Coach Carr in speed order:

Robyn Remschel (19),  a sophomore, who swims for McMurry University, glided into an easy 20:58.04 while sharing the lane with two other younger HOT teammates. Robyn was recognized as the NCAA Female Swimmer of the Season last year as a Freshman.  She is sitting comfortably as McMurry’s lead Backstroker and a very competent Freestyler in her distance events.

Arianna Anderson (16) swam the second fastest time of 21:22.  As the current Team Captain, Ari is coaching the ‘Bronze’ squad of 14 novice team members.  Her full-time coaching has limited her training regimen this year, but she still has the aerobic conditioning to complete ‘Hell Week’ with a strong performance.

Antonio Martinez (14) swam a strong third with 22.11.08 in a congested lane of similar paced teammates.  His swim equaled a ‘B’ time for boys his age, but he may swim a considerably  faster ‘BB’ time in his own lane at a sanctioned meet. As a new member of HOT, the coach is still learning what Antonio is capable of swimming and is impressed with his early performance.

Ella Junker (14) swam a 22.11.28 mile just being out-touched by Antonio.  Ella’s mile swim netted her a

‘B’ time in a practice setting.  Ella is another swimmer to watch this season.  She is extremely competitive and no one finishes stronger.  Ella is currently ranked as an ‘A’ swimmer in most of her individual events.

Jordan Anderson (21) completed his mile in 22.12.04.  Jordan is a sophomore at Texas A&M and has recently been selected by the U.S. Marine Corps for Officer training camp this summer.  Jordan is representing the Corp’s as a member of their elite ‘National Marksmanship’ Team.

Maeve Junker (15 ) was in the tight fray of swimmers with a 22:14.28 minute mile.  Maeve currently is swimming for Our Lady of the Hills high school in Kerrville and the local HOT swim team.  She currently holds several ‘B’, ‘BB’  & ‘A’ USAS times and is expected to advance out of Regionals again this year along with her sister, Ella.

Holly Robinson (15) swam her personal Best Time of 26:39.34.  Not normally a distance swimmer, Hell Week definitely helped Holly improve her mile swim and increased her kick power.

Anna Kate Goodson (10) enjoyed her second year at Hell Week and garnered a 26:52.28 time.  Anna Kate has already earned two ‘BB’ time this season in her new ‘age group’.

Kate McDonald (13) participated in ‘Hell Week’ for the first time this year and earned a 26:59.20.  Kate is a workhorse.  She accepts any challenge with a very positive attitude.  Kate is one of our best young coaches and future team leaders.

Elijah Junker (10) is another rising star.  In his first ‘Hell Week’ Elijah was still grinning ear-to-ear  after completing his first mile swim with a 27:31.59.

Coach Al Carr said, “Swimming is more than a sport to these swimmers – it is a way of life.  Our swimmers learn leadership skills, time management skills, self-discipline and of course, sellf-control.  They learn to win and lose with grace, to believe in the Team mission and shoulder the responsibility of leadership.”  Carr added, “They take these skills with them to school, work and for life.”

For more info: www.swimhot.org  or call Coach Carr 997-1886