Deck Passes being mailed tomorrow (1/13)

Update on Coaches Credentials:

1.  Some coaches who have certifications that have recently expired or are going to expire soon received emails that they will not be getting a deck pass until their certifications are updated.  Even if you were previously approved, but you have certs that expire during the season, you'll need to update those before you receive your deck pass.

2.  Meet hosts should check the regional website and the verified coach list to determine which coaches may have deck access at any sanctioned meet.  If a coach does not have a hard copy of their deck pass, but appear on this list, they are good to have deck access.  Conversely, if a coach does have a deck pass, but does not appear on this list, they should NOT receive deck access (they have one or more expired certifications).  

3.  Deck passes will be mailed on 1/13 in one envelope for each team and sent to the YMCA address on file.

4.  Teams that have not paid their $50 registration fee will not receive any passes.

5.  Remember that you can always refer to the regional website to find out the status of your team, coach registration, expiration dates on file, etc.