Weekly News (Jan 18th- 23rd)

Happy Monday Panthers,

As we head into the second semester I am reminded how busy our school gets with all the activities/performances and other sports. Please know that we are always going to be as flexible and as inclusive as possible with the end goal of having our swimmers get the most out of their experience at ISB.

With that in mind, please communicate with us about the upcoming play or musical or school trip. Perhaps we can switch your training time or day for that week to keep you swimming and improving (our number one goal).

For instance we have the ES musical currently rehearsing and we have made great compromises to keep those future Broadway stars in swim shape. So instead of just skipping practice, let’s keep the lines of communication open…after all we have our big international meet coming up and we are the defending champions.

Important Notes:

Welcome Jr. Panther Cubs to the Panther Swim Team:

As announced before the winter break, we are now piloting a new program (squads) called the Jr. Panther Cubs. Well, we have had an overwhelming response and currently have about 35 new swimmers between the ages of 5-8 ready to experience the great sport of swimming.

To accommodate this new program we have had to add 3 new coaches to the team. These may be new coaches to this program, but certainly are not new to ISB. Coach Sanit has been an ISB employee for 20 years and has coached all levels of ISB swimmers including Varsity. Coach Gibby and Coach Tan have been employees of ISB Aquatics for the past two years and are excited about helping out to grow the program. We look forward to seeing all our new cubs on deck.

Vasa Trainers arrived and are set up on deck!

As announced earlier in December, we ordered 5 new high tech swim trainers for our swimmers to train on…and they are here! We will start using them today with our 13/14 squads.

Semester 2 Registration closes this week:

We currently have about 80% of our registration completed. If you have not registered then please do so ASAP. We need to know our swimmer numbers in each age group so that we can set the coaches and the squads.

Palooza (all age) this Wednesday, January 20th:

Warm ups start at 2:30 sharp! We have 140 swimmers registered so it should take about 2 hours. Please remember to wear your yellow swim team cap for these races.

This will be the last dress rehearsal for our IASAS swimmers how head off to Singapore next week to represent ISB. Wish them good luck as you see them on deck. 


ANS Titans Sprint Challenge, Feb 13th No open to all ages:

We currently have 33 swimmers signed up for this meet, but it is now open to all ages.  So we will be accepting other entries until Thursday of this week. We look forward to seeing some more swimmers sign up.

Spring International Travel Meet: International School Manila:

All events and important information about the ISM meet is now posted in on our website. You can choose your events and read about the particulars under upcoming meets. We have 30 swimmers travel to Singapore in the fall, so I am sure hoping we can surpass this number at ISM.

The Philippine people are always amazing hosts and ISM is a great facility. All hotels and great restaurants are with in walking distance of the school. This is a very easy meet to attend! Great for all levels of our swim team.



Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):

***ANS Titans Sprint Challenge Feb 13th 14&under***

***ISB Splash Saturday and Sunday (March 5/6)MANDATORY For Competitive Swimmers***

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,