New State and Jr Olympic Qualifying Times

TO:   Michigan Swimming Clubs & Families

RE:    2015-2016 SCY Q1 Time Standards

DATE:  January 22, 2016

Michigan Swimming members,

As communicated with the release of the 2015-2016 Q1 time standards in the fall, we have been actively monitoring the impact that this season’s tighter time standards would have on the 2015-2016 SCY championship meets.

Based on the collected data and recommendation of Program Development, the Michigan Swimming Board of Directors voted to soften this year’s Q1 time standards to better provide balance at our SCY championship meets.

This change should serve us in three areas:

  • Improve the balance and distribution of athletes at our Jr Olympic (Q2) and State Championship (Q1) meets, creating a more pleasant experience for athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.
  • Reduce the size of the State Championship (Q1) meets compared to the past two SCY seasons, where we had the largest Championship meets in our history, but by a smaller margin than the initial Q1 times would have created.
  • Include more athletes in our LSC Championship meets.

Thanks to quick work by the Michigan Swimming Office, a link to the updated time standards are included in this communication. Corrections to the standards for TeamUnify teams are also being processed independently.

Please make sure to update your information.


Josh Morgan                                            Mike Cutler & Steve Shipps
Program Development Vice-Chair             Program Operations Co Vice-Chairs


Please click-on the following link to access the REVISED 2015-2016 Michigan Swimming time standards:   MS SCY Updated 2015-2016 SCY Time Stds

You can also access the time standard information from our Kingfish website under the "Compete" tab.