Four KAW 8&U Swimmers Compete at 2016 Guppy Bowl

The 2016 Guppy Bowl swim meet was held on Sunday, January 24 at the Lake Orion High School Natatorium. The Guppy Bowl is a meet specifically held for 8&U swimmers.  

It is a day of exciting “firsts” for many, including swimmers who dove off the blocks for the first time or swam an event legally for the first time.  Our future swimmers have the deck all to themselves to socialize, have fun, and swim against their peers! 

Guppies are known to be very active in water and need space …and our KAW guppies are no different!  All four of the KAW Guppy Bowl participants used their energy and speed to take advantage of the 50Y pool and swim their way to personal best times!

KAW would like to congratulate the following (4) swimmers who swam best times at the 2016 Guppy Bowl or swam an event for the very “first” time:



Lindenberg, Ella (7)

·         25 Back        -0.76 Improvement

·         100 Free       -2.12 Improvement


Walker-Lounds, Lily (5)

·         25 Free         -2.00 Improvement

·         50 Free         First Swim!


Walters, Marion (8)

·         25 Back        -1.78 Improvement

·         25 Free         -1.97 Improvement

·         50 Free         -2.88 Improvement



Herzberg, Anthony (8)

·         25 Free         -0.16 Improvement

·         50 Free         -4.65 Improvement

·         50 Back        First Swim!


Congratulations and Keep Swimming!