USA Swimming Build A Pool Conference

In a recent USA Swimming Board Meeting, the topic of conversation was building the base of USA Swimming. One of the statements made was that the entire Northwest region of the United States was a wash because there was not enough water to expand team numbers or sizes.  The Northwest region, including Idaho, is closing more pools than it builds on a year to year basis. 

As a young coach I was taught by everyone of my mentors that if you did not control your pool or pool time then you did not have control over your business or your career. As someone who has been involved with building pools and consulting on their design, I can tell you that the biggest reason that pools do not get built is that the builder/owner has no business plan to run the pools at a profit. 

The USA Swimming Build A Pool Seminars are a great step towards learning the ins and outs of building a pool in your area. There will be a seminar on June 11-12 in Missoula, Montana. Please see the Events page for a copy of the event flier.

To all LSC’s -  New for 2017 –



2017 LSC Build & Program a Pool Conference/Workshops - to participate in 2017 you can reserve your date now



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THE WHAT:   2017 LSC BAP Workshop:

Day one – 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM  -  Registration fee includes continental breakfast and lunch. 

If the LSC wants to conduct a social after the 1st day, that is up to them to organize and budget. 


Day two – 8 AM to finish - Includes continental breakfast.  We try to be finished by 12:30 PM  

with the normal version and 3:30 with the extended “operations discussion” version.


THE HOW:  To discuss dates and location, please call Sue Nelson 719-866-3594 or

When we agree on the dates we will post the LSC BAP workshop/conference on our website.  All registration is through that site.  Fee is $69 per person with some special discounts for multiple people representing same club.  The workshop will be open for anyone to attend but it will aggressively be promoted within the LSC.  USA Swimming will supply all materials for the presentations including a flash drive for each participant with materials relating to the presentation and project planning. 


One comment from an attendee: 

Coach Mark Rauterkus  This past fall I went to the Build A Pool Seminar hosted by USA Swimming and directed by Mick and Sue Nelson now of Colorado Springs. It was a FANTASTIC two days, and I knew it would be. The insights and resources can save your effort years in terms of time and research. The role they play is in the "dream phase." They work with coach, clubs, institutions and friends of swimming to put the concepts into a reality check and can help to drive the discussion to a more confident business plan. These efforts make an approach to what they call an "Enterprise Plan" -- and that may or may not include the phase where capital funds are beginning to be raised. The next step is a formal

"Feasibility Study."  That takes professional architects and builders.  Without a doubt, I would suggest that you send a team to their next BAP (build a pool) Conference.


MORE INFORMATION: Contact Sue Nelson   


Mick & Sue Nelson

Facilities Development Dept.  - USA Swimming

1 Olympic Plaza  Colorado Springs, CO 80909

719-866-3522  for info regarding Build a Pool conferences or other workshops


“In the last 2 years the Facilities Development Department has been instrumental in helping pools with solutions to over 150 air and water quality challenges, 65 renovations, 30 saving pool scenarios, 25 new pool design projects in the planning stages and 24new pool openings.  This makes our 11 year total of 130 new aquatic projects completed and open along with over 5300 members and industry questions answered.