Very Important - Hurricanes Practice Schedule Changes - Feb 8th

Hurricane Families,

As you all remember, before October we had 15 lanes in the pool. Well.....with High School swim season ending we will return back to that schedule on Monday, February 8th. The only exception to that is that we are adding a new group called the Pre Teen Age Group(PTAG). I have attached the schedule for your review.

When we went to just the 10 lanes and the Winter Schedule we said that it would be okay to piece together the number of practices each week that your child could attend even if it was at different times as long as they stayed within their group designation.

Now that we are going back to the original schedule we are asking that everyone go back to a set schedule within your childs group designation(A,B,C etc). The reason being, is that we ask the coaches to take attendance on a regular basis so that we are aware from a billing perspective or if we need to check on a child that hasn't been there in a while. When we have folks randomly going to different time slots this becomes very difficult.

Thank you for your patience during the high school season and please let us know if you need assistance with the schedule.

Go Hurricanes!