Bring a White T-Shirt to Practice

The Champs meets are coming up very soon and we will be celebrating our short course season with a fun activity. Each group will be making tie-dye t-shirts to wear to the Champs meet.  They will be coordinated so that each group will be wearing their shirt on Saturday at their Champs meet.

We are skipping Saturday, February 6, 2016, dry land practice to do the tie dye shirts. 

Please complete the following steps:
Provide one plain white t-shirt.  Please wash and dry it before you begin the next step so that the dye will adhere well to the t-shirt.   Please write your child’s name on the tag.
We will have the swimmers create a design by wrapping the rubber bands around the t-shirt in any pattern. We will apply the dye at practice. 

Place the t-shirt in a Ziploc bag and then a plastic grocery bag.  Write your swimmer name on the outside of the bags and send it to Saturday Practice .

We would like to have all the t-shirts by Saturday February 6, 2016 if possible.  We will apply the dye at Saturday practice and then send home the t-shirt that day.  When we send home the tie-dyed t-shirts we will include special washing instructions.