Membership Cards

Athletes, Coaches, Officials, and "Other" Members....Need a copy of your USA Swimming membership card?

If a member need a membership card, there are two options to generate a copy. Any member of USA Swimming can print their own card. Go to the USA Swimming website and sign in using your account information (if you don’t have any account, you can create one). After signing in, click the My Deck Pass link in the upper-right corner of the home page, scroll down the page and click the Membership Card link, and then click the Print Official Card link. This option will print a copy of the same membership card sent from USA Swimming.

The second option is to use the Deck Pass app, available through iTunes or the USA Swimming website, to generate a copy of the card. After logging in using your USA Swimming username and password, there is a membership button in the app that shows the current membership. When using this to prove USA Swimming membership to deck enter a meet, some admins might also require proof of the USA Swimming ID, because the Deck Pass app does not display the member’s date of birth due to privacy issues.

The last way to prove USA Swimming membership for an athlete is for the coach to print the team roster from the club’s USA Swimming portal. We recommend that coaches carry this document with them to swim meets to prove membership for swimmers who deck enter, in the event that they do not have their USA Swimming membership card or access to their Deck Pass account.

As a reminder, swimmers must be able to prove USA Swimming membership to deck enter a meet, using their membership card, Deck Pass account, or the club’s watermarked USA Swimming membership roster.