UIL Observed Meets

The following UIL Meets were observed and the results are now in SWIMS.  

Any missing times in SWIMS indicate that a correct USA Swimming ID was not provided to the meet director at the Meet, or the time was not observed.

If you have any questions, please have the coach email the NTV chair gloria_schuldt@att.net.

1/21-23/2016 District 11-5A Frisco ISD Natatorium
1/22/2016 district 6-6A Lewisville  Westside Pool
1/22/2016 district 6-5A GCISD Natatorium
1/22-23/2016 district 11-6A Rockwall
1/22-23/2016 district 12-5A Rockwall
1/22-23/2016 district 8-5A Mansfield Natatorium
1/22-23/2016 district 8-6A Mansfield Natatorium
1/22-23/2016 disrict 5-6A Keller ISD Natatorium
1/23/2016 district 7-6A Mansfield Natatorium
1/23/2016 district 10-6A Allen
1/28/2016 district 7-5A Wilkerson Grienes
1/29/2016 district 9-6A Loos
1/29/2016 TAPPS North Regional Meet Mansfield Natatorium
2/4-6/2016 Region 3-5A Frisco ISD Natatorium
2/4-6/2016 Region 2 - 5A Mansfield Natatorium
2/4-6/2016 Region 2 - 6A Lewisville Westside Aquatic Center
2/4-6/2016 Region 4 - 5A Lewisville Westside Aquatic Center
2/4-6/2016 Region 3 - 6A Rockwall ISD Natatorium

** relay lead-offs by request only