JOs Wrap-Up

What I (Coach AJ) usually find great about JOs is the amount of support that teams show towards the individual swimmers. It was great watching and hearing our swimmers and parents cheering on the swimmers in the pool. One of my favorite moments of this weekend’s JOs, was trying to warm up the relay teams during Saturday’s finals. Everybody wanted to stop either prior to warm up or during to cheer on their fellow teammates. It made for an exasperating warm-up for me, who spent most of the time trying to get the relay swimmers to warm-up; however, it was great to see such team support. Both CAST swimmers and parents came out in full force at JOs to support our swimmers! Good Job!

Of course, one cannot mention JOs without thinking of the weather. Though Saturday was a brilliant day for a swim meet, Sunday brought rain. Reports from Sunday confirm that it rained until right before relays. Though the weather may have damped the spirits of any other inhabitant of San Diego on Sunday, it did not show in our swimmers who finished the meet strong.

As a team, CAST finished fifth in the team competition and Tommy Anderson won the high point award for the 11/12 boys. Tommy won four events this weekend dropping time in the 500 free swimming a 5:19.74 (11 seconds) and went a 2:15.98 in the 200 IM (8.8 seconds).

Great performances also came from…

Orion Brody who placed top eight and dropped time in all the events he swam. Most nobility he drop a total of 2 second in the 100 fly swimming a 1:14.97.

Erin Cox also placed top eight in all of her events. Erin dropped 8 seconds in her 400 IM and 6 in her 500 free.

Jasmine Fryrear dropped .12 seconds in the 100 breaststroke for a personal best of 1:14.93.

Courtney Holm swam a great 1650 free where she placed 8th overall with a time of 19:38.64 dropping a total of 12.9 seconds.

Gabby Jaramillo dropped 2.3 seconds in her 100 back and 2.5 seconds in the 200 IM.

Ulysses Jimenez placed 2 in the 11/12 100 fly with a time of 1:07.85 dropping 1.3 seconds. Uly also placed 4th in the 200 IM and 5th in the 100 IM

Sophie Martinez dropped 2.4 seconds in her 200 fly swimming a 2:26.14.

Lauren Nico swam a 19:13.41, a drop of 19 seconds, placing her 7th in the 1650 Free. She also dropped 4.1 seconds in the 200 fly.

Sarah Nowaski placed 4th in the 200 free swimming a 2:22.65 and 5th in the 50 free swimming a 31.17.

Micah Ornelas dropped 1.5 seconds in his 100 fly swimming a 1:10.44, placing him 8th overall.

Ryan Parker placed 6th in the 50 breast and 7th in the 100 breast. He dropped 2.2 seconds in the 100 and 2.9 in the 50. 

Lael Proffit placed 8th in the 100 IM, swimming a 1:19.78 dropping 1.9 seconds. Her sister Skyler Proffit swam the 200 breast in the 2:53.33.

Konor Sacks placed 4th in the 200 free with a time of 2:29.77, dropping 3.1 seconds. He also placed 3rd in the 200 IM swimming a 2:49.63, dropping 7.2 seconds. In the 100 IM Konor swam a 1:20.63 placing him 6th.

Brianna Smith placed 7th in the 200 free with a time of 2:11.7 and placed 8th in the 500 free with a time of 5:44.63.

Mario Sutka placed 4th in the 200 back swimming a 2:06.85. He also placed 5th in the 400 IM with a time of 4:29.23 and 6th in the 100 back with a time of 1:00.8.

Natalie Tex swam the 200 free in 2:40.46 and the 100 free in 1:14.13. While her sister, Nicole Tex won the 1650 Free with a time of 18:07.31 while dropping the 12 seconds. Nicole also placed 4th in the 500 free with a time of 5:14.95.

Shelly Wickerd placed 3rd in the 1650 with a time of 18:28.37, dropping 10 seconds. She also placed 5th in the 200 fly and 1000 free.

    Relays included…

Boys 10 and Under… Orion Brody, Konor Sacks, Ryan Parker, Bryan Thai.

Girls 10 and Under… Sarah Nowaski, Lael Proffitt, Natalie Tex, Maddie Pressler

Boy 11/12…Tommy Anderson, Ulysses Jimenez, Micah Ornales, Joseph Ramirez

Girls 11/12…Brianna Smith, Jade Miller, Rebecca Wolfson, and Liana McMillen

Boys 13/14…David Mai, Jason Ornelas, Mario Sutka, Xander Monta

Girls 13/14….

800 Free
Team 1 Erin Cox, Nicole Tex, Shelly Wickard, Gabby Jaramillo
Team 2 Jasmine Fryrear, Lauren Nico, Courtney Holm, Sophie Martinez    

400 Free
Team 1 Erin Cox, Nicole Tex, Shelly Wickard, Gabby Jaramillo
Team 2 Lauren Nico, Holly L. Callahan, Sophie Martinez, Jasmine Fryrear

400 Medley    
Team 1 Erin Cox, Nicole Tex, Gabby Jaramillo, Shelly Wickard
Team 2 Jasmine Fryrear, Skyler Profitt, Sophie Martinez, Lauren Nico
Good Job to everybody who swam and cheered on our team!!!!

Senior Classic news should be up sometime the next few days.

- Coach AJ