2016 LAMVAC Swimathon


Def: Lap counter = Lap counting person     ;-)


 Bring your own lap counter with paper/pencil, your swimathon poster and some food/drink to share. Fruits, bottled water, individual packaged chocolate milk are ok. Please no juices, cookies or other low nutrition/high calorie food or drink. No nuts either.
The swimmer's training pool, is his or her swimathon pool:  If your swimmer swims at Eagle, that's where he or she participates in the swimathon. If at Foothill instead, that's where s/he should go. The swimathon starts at the same time as practice does. 
REMINDER: each swimmer must bring her or his own lap counter.

Drawing contest: 
Each pool will have a judge panel made up of a coach, a parent and a swimmer. The designated coach will choose the swimmer and the parent tomorrow. The results of the contest will be announced on the website and on twitter @lamvac by Friday afternoon. 

Have fun and swim tons!



Simplified Pledge form:  


The clock has started! 


TUMoney "My Event Fundraising" on this event is now open.
We are excited for this year's BIG team fundraiser, and hope to raise a ton of money for our team. 

Although LAMVAC does have a fundraising obligation, swimmers are encouraged to fulfill that obligation via pledges instead of having parents just write a check to the club.  USA Swimming reports that there are over 500 Swimathons each year, resulting in improved team spirit and increased community awareness of the hosting club's program. 

Our 2016 swimathon is Wednesday February 24th during pratice hours and at the swimmers' usual pool. The day the kids swims as many laps as possible. 

The swimmer's family that raises the most per pool (Eagle and Foothill) will receive a gift certificate for $75 at Norcal Swim Shop - i.e. one winner and one certificate per pool.

The pledge forms are available on our site, Here are the links:

LAP Pledge form:

Flat Pledge form:

**Each swimmer is responsible for bringing her or his own lap counter person **(this task does not count as volunteer time)

There will be volunteer duties available at this event. Job sign up currently available.

As part of the swimathon event, we also have a drawing contest. The subject should be about LAMVAC and our swimathon. Be creative! Each drawing, approx. size 15"x20" (max 22"x28") will be displayed at the pools - unless it rains. The drawings will be viewable later on our website. 
The best drawing per swimming level per pool will be selected and be part of the banner on the home page of our website.  The complete collection will be accessible on the site as well. 

Coach Jose and team currently discussing judging committee. :-)   TBA.

For your reference, the fundraising obligation is $150 per family (not per swimmer) and is applicable to all levels except Tadpoles and Masters.