Volunteer Survey



This is your last week to submit your volunteer survey answers to help with our #1VolunTeam campaign that begins March 1st. Your responses will be extremely helpful in providing content for the campaign to tell your story. The responses will be used on both and USA Swimming’s social media channels.

Please answer the following questions below and submit your answers and photos to by Monday, February 29.

1.How did you get into volunteering?
2. What’s been the most rewarding part of being a volunteer?
3. What’s your favorite memory as a volunteer?
4. Who inspired you to volunteer?
5. Finish this sentence: Swimming volunteers are the best because ____________.
6. What’s your funniest story as a volunteer?
7. What’s the most important thing that keeps you volunteering?
8. You know you’re a volunteer when ________.
9. Why should others become swim volunteers?
10. Are there any volunteers you would like to nominate for the following awards:

(Please include a brief paragraph of why you are nominating this person)
     a. Rookie of the Year Volunteer (Amazing beginner volunteer):_____________________
     b. Safety Samurai (Insuring athlete safety one meet at a time):________________________
     c. Governance Guru (The kind of board/committee member you want 10 of):_____________
     d. Coach Volunteer Champion (The best volunteer coach around): _____________________

Please feel free to send fun photos and videos of you or others volunteering along with your name, team name and location.

Thank you!