Volunteers Needed


Treasurer on the board: Our treasurer has moved and is willing to assist in the transition process.  If you have any accounting or budgetary experience this is the job for you.

Volunteer Coordinator:  We are sad to announce that Grea Durkee will no longer be available to be our volunteer coordinator, and we are in desperate need of someone to fill her shoes.  This person or people will be in charge of the below committees and making sure we have volunteers set for each meet.  Grea has graciously agreed to pass on her knowledge to those that are willing to fill her position.

Set up / break down coordinator:  coordinates and participates with volunteers for home meets to assist with the set up and break down of our pool area for home meets (4 total)

Trash team: during the 4 home meets, you and your team would be responsible for keeping an eye on the trash cans and replacing bags when necessary.  Walk the two team areas occasionally throughout the meet and hold swimmers and their coaches responsible for their own trash pickup.

Spirit committee: plans and participates in fun events for swimmers throughout the season, help with end of season party.

Fundraising committee: work with our board VP to help gain sponsors and raise money to help offset the cost of team operations.  Additionally, if you have a business, or have friends that do, attaining sponsorships as part of this committee would a great way to help.


All families will be responsible for three volunteer “jobs” this summer.  It is a requirement of joining our swim team.  Your board and coaches would like to institute a spirited and community based team, and to accomplish that we need a team wide commitment to be successful.  All current members of the board hold full time year round jobs and will not be able to take on the same responsibility that was shouldered last summer.  We need your help to make the team as great as we know it can be. 


Speaking to a former swimmer recently the board was reminded why the kids love summer swim. It builds community, a love of swimming and strong lifelong friendships.  We need all families to help us attain that feeling for our swimmers both young and old.  Thank you.