Board Update

Whitehorse Glacier Bears Board of Directors Update

Wow, what a difference a few months makes. What impresses me most is that much of this update is about items that are in addition to the day to day operations of running the club. We continue to chip away at this year’s deficit through decreasing expenditures and increasing fund raising. We are projecting a 65% reduction in our deficit. While we have more to accomplish, I think we should pause and celebrate our success. A big thank you to those who have stepped up and are making a difference. Of particular note:

  • Mara Pollock and Thomas Shepherd. Mara for leading the City committee and Thomas for getting us $1000 from the Keystone Kops Society.
  • Isabelle Frechette for volunteering her expertise to help project our financial situation so that we can identify issues and take corrective action earlier.
  • Fiona Bakica and Coach Malwina for improving lane utilization which has reduced our lane costs by 20%.
  • Stacey Pennington for running with the FunScript Gift Card fund raising drive. This is an ongoing fundraiser which you can access anytime on the website.
  • Johanne Koser for taking on a new fund raising opportunity selling tea. Yes there is money in tea! We are hopeful that the entire club will participate.
  • Dennis Berry for researching and providing recommendations regarding radio bingo. While it doesn’t appear as though we can break into Radio Bingo he is continuing to research other opportunities for the club.
  • Brenda Petriw for all her work to improve Bingo, which has increased our bingo revenue by 20%.
  • Michael MacArthur and Swim Yukon for all their support, particularly the purchase of our clock, timing pads, console and bleachers.
  • The board for making financially sound decisions, reducing the expenditure on our new clock, thereby freeing up additional funds from Swim Yukon that we will use to purchase bleachers.
  • The board and all those drivers that made the Yukon Energy Christmas party a very successful fund raising event.
  • The executive for making my job easy.
  • Lisa Harvey for keeping me organized and on track.
  • And most of all the entire membership for continuing to make the Whitehorse Glacier Bears a great club.


Lisa is working with her sister to put together a sponsorship packages. We hope with such a large membership that some of you will be able to help us get support from our business community.

Swim Meets

So far this season we have successfully hosted the Ryan Downing Memorial Swim Meet, a                         Club Time Trial and a Mini-Time Trial for the three senior groups. 18 swimmers attended the Christmas Cracker Swim Meet in Victoria, 30 swimmers competed in The Winter Games North Swim Meet in Haines, 12 swimmers competed at the Short Course BC AA Championship, and 1 swimmer qualified for the Speedo Western Championships. We have 3 swimmers attending the Short Course BC AAA Championship in March, and a team of young kids going to the Dino Cup in Calgary in April. The club will be hosting a Time Trial on April 9, our Teddy Bear Time Trial on April 24 and our Yukon Championship Invitational Swim Meet is coming up in May, of which 10 “outside” clubs have expressed interest in attending. Our swimmers have achieved personal bests, broken club records, and returned with medals from these various meets.


Sport Yukon Awards Night

The following members of the Whitehorse Glacier Bears received recognition on February                        4th:

  • WGB Senior Development Award – Dannica Nelson, Luke Bakica                      
  • WGB Junior Developmnet Award- Thomas Bakica, Brooklyn Massie, Aidan Harvey, Mael Pronovost, Cassidy Cairns
  • Yukon Government Award of Excellence – Rennes Lindsay
  • Swim Yukon Senior National Swimmer of the Year/International Female Athlete of the Year Nominee – Brownyn Pasloski (former WGB swimmer)
  • National Swimmer of the Year – Cassis and Rennes Lindsay
  • Territorial Swimmer of the Year – Hannah Kingscote, Adrian Robinson
  • WGB Volunteer of the Year – George Harvey, Shelby Workman

Coaching Staff

Our dedicated, thoughtful, and supportive coaching staff continue to coach, guide and develop our children and youth, all under the leadership of our head coach, Malwina. On behalf of the club, the board of directors hosted a “Coach Appreciation” brunch for the coaching staff on January 23.

George Harvey on behalf of the Board

President of the Whitehorse Glacier Bears