Weekly News (Feb 29th - March 5)

Hello Panthers,

It is Splash week and I am looking forward to some great preparation practices, so come to the pool ready to work and have fun.

This weekend we will have 14 teams from all over Asia come to ISB to take part in the two-day swim meet. ISB is the defending champions for this week, so I think it would be best if we just kept it that way.

Important Notes:

March 4, 2:30: Friday Night Spirit Night, please be there regardless of your training day:

Our High School team will be planning a great team building practice for Friday. It will be full of fun and educational moments. Good snacks after also.

Please have our junior swimmers wear their lap it up t-shirts at this time.

Splash Meet Reminder #2:

Last week we reminded to warm up properly and to be on time. We now have our warm up schedule and we will be at 6:40 on Saturday and 6:55 on Sunday.

So we will start our day on the right foot, but this also applies to the end of the day. We will have the awards directly after the last relay race in the gym. This is an expectation that we attend this. We are a team and we stay together. Do not swim your last race and leave. If we do everything right, we should be there to accept a big trophy, if not…we will cheer on the ones who do.

At noon on Saturday we will also take a great big team photo in our black team shirts. So please be there on the far end of the bleachers for this photo as soon as the 15 and over relay is over.

TYR Swim Suits on their way, should be here before the meet:

Unless we have some issues we will be handing out our new team race suits this week. They should arrive by Fedex in the next couple days and then we will send out instructions for handing them out.

For this year, Jr. Panther Cubs will not get new suits. We made this deal earlier in the year before we started this new program; sorry.


Monday March 7th is a day of rest (No practice(

As with Swimfest and all other big meets, there will be no practice on Monaday so that swimmers can get caught up on home work and rest.


BISAC Selections will be made next week:

Splash meet is the last chance to make your impression on the coaches before the select the BISAC team.  BISAC will take place at Harrow International School on March 26th (Senior) and 27th (Junior).


Swim Meet Declaratoin: How the process works and why we need you to "commit" or "decline":

When we announce a new swim meet, it is important you got to the event and click on commit if you plan to attend and decline if you do not wan to. We use this information to plan for meets and give the home team our estimates. PLEASE do not sit in undeclared. We currently have 100 swimmers in undeclared for the ISM meet.

Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):

***Manila Spring Meet 2016 April 23/24*** REALLY NEED YOU TO DECLINE ONLINE IF YOU ARE NOT GOING


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,