March 1 2016 Team News

Great swims this week everyone! A lot of time was dropped by all the swimmers. Thanks also to the coaches and parents for devoting a weekend so the children could swim. Meet results are posted and can be found in the meet results section of the team site.

Deadline for entry to the Spring Championships is tomorrow –MARCH 2. Please make sure your status is updated by clicking on the Event page.

Cheer on our Divisional Qualifiers!!

We had seven swimmers qualify for Divisionals this year:

  • Claire Beekman
  • Anthony Doll
  • Jacob Rosario
  • Nichole Rosario
  • Stephanie Rosario
  • Catherine Salomons
  • Simon Taylor

Congratulations and great job swimmers! It would be wonderful if some YASD teammaters were on hand to cheer them on. The meet information is below:

2016 East Field South District Championship
Prince Georges Sports & Learning Complex, Landover, MD

Upcoming Meets



Registration Deadline



Spring Championships

(Potomac Valley Swimming/USA Swimming Meet)



Fairland Aquatic Center

13820 Old Gunpowder Road, Laurel, MD 20707

Team News

Team End of the Year Banquet

The Sea Dragons banquet planning is underway. We will have brunch at Theisman’s Restaurant April 23rd, 11-1:30. Jennifer Doll and Sue Murphy are spear heading the effort and the Senior swimmers doing the decorations. Sue and Jennifer's contact information is below if you would like to help out as well:

Jennifer Doll:
Sue Murphy:

More details to follow.

Parent Social

We are organizing a casual event for parents to get together and socialize. The plan is to do it on a Friday evening when the YMCA has their parent night out program. The parent night out program is $5/child for members, and the children can swim, do an activity and have pizza. Adults would meet at Lena’s (or another nearby spot) for happy hour and pizza. The two options for dates are:

March 11 or March 25

Let us know if you are interested, and if so, which date works best for you.

Age Group Parties

There has also been talk of having age group parties so the kids can have fun together while not swimming a mile. If you are interested in this or, better yet, interested in setting something up for an age group, please let me know.

Other team needs :

Data Entry

We are looking for someone who can spend a few hours at the YMCA to assist with data entry related to meet entries and swimmer information. Please let us know if you would be willing to assist.