TAGS Update*** Urgent

  Dear Coaches and Administrators,

Within the last hour, I've been notified that the pool venue for this weekend's meet is out of service.  Earlier today, the pump room was flooded from an unknown outside source.  Repairs are underway.
I have made the decision just now to move Thursday's events to a nearby facility in The Colony.  This pool can accommodate our needs and has been the site of numerous high school region and TISCA meets.  We will run our normal schedule of events in 2 pools at the new site. The pool is also within 15-20 minutes of the other venue so hotels shouldn't be affected.
Obviously we are stunned with this very late news, but we are very confident our swimmers will not be affected.  Meet operations are being transferred to The Colony site as I write this.
I will be sending out detailed instructions and directions for Thursday's events.  At this time we are anticipating being back in the other facility on Friday, however, it is early in the repair process and I will not have accurate information on the repair status until Thursday morning.  If necessary, we are prepared to move the entire meet to The Colony without interruption.
Please stand by for further updates from me within a few hours.  
Brian Dangelmaier
Head Coach / Program Director
Mid-Cities Arlington Swimming
817-274-9214 (fax)