A splish by Kat Lane

 Here is a poem that was written by Senior group swimmer, Kat Lane.  As we head into the final meets of the 2015-2016 season, sometimes its the strong bond with our teammates and coach that keep us going!   Kat, great job on a well written piece that truly describes your zany and hardworking teammates in all of our groups!

A splish, a splash, a jump, a dive

The people here keep me alive

Quirkiness and laughs to be had

No greater team, I should be glad


Each person their own story book

Wouldn’t know them by just one look

The chlorine waves and lane line ropes

Being told if you have a lane, there is hope


A motivation a desire

Like a bird wanting to climb higher

And along your trek to be great

You’re surrounded by the best teammates


A coach who’s willing to take you in

Anaerobic, aerobic, kick board, and fins

A set routine and strive to win

Feeling the water searching within


Every day’s something new; never stuck in a loop
Couldn’t ask for a greater group

Because no matter if you didn’t win the race

You still have teammates who treat you like you got 1st place