Meet One of Our New Sponsors: SwimLabs

We are excited to announce a new sponsor for our team this year: 

Conveniently located less than a few miles away from White Eagle, The Labs USA offers a multitude of classes for athletes of all ages and abilities.

  • Group swim lessons – Held in small, 90-degree water ‘river’ pools.  Underwater mirrors and cameras along with a TV monitor at each pool so your kids can watch themselves actually learning how to swim. Max 4 to 1 ratio, groups placed by ability.
  • Private swim lessons—Underwater cameras and digital video technology capture a 360 degree view of the swimmer’s stroke. TV monitors at each pool allow for instant visual feedback on how to correct improper technique, resulting in more powerful, efficient, and faster swimmers.
  • Functional fitness classes—Science based & data driven workouts on land and in water for athletes of all ages and abilities. 
  • Youth triathlon program – This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of triathlon to kids aged 8-18

Thinking about getting your swimmer ready for this summer?  They have a variety of options for Spring Break:

  • SwimJams – Four consecutive days of swim lessons to give beginning swimmers confidence for pool season.
  • TeamPrep – Prepares age group swimmers for the upcoming summer league season.
  • Starts & Turns Clinics – Maximize your power off the blocks and walls, resulting in faster race times.
  • Ninja Warrior H2O Camp – Develop coordination, balance, agility, strength, and endurance on land and water.

All coaches have been trained extensively in the SwimLabs progression and have a long history of coaching other swimmers on proper technique.

Call or stop by to see what SwimLabs can do to get your Warrior Swimmer ready!

3600 Thayer Court (Off Frontenac St. between Montgomery & Ogden)