Shark News 2016


We hope everyone had a great winter, and you are all enjoying this great spring weather!  It is with mixed emotions that I bring you some news you need to know about as you are planning out your summer.  RiverChase has fired our head coach Jeremy for reasons that do not justify the action.  Your parent reps have been working very hard to try and rectify this situation so we could continue as normal, but after alderman and mayor discussions we have not been successful.  Additionally most of the coaching staff is not returning for other reasons such as pursuing careers and other opportunities.  This situation is horrible and it makes me sick.  New coaches will be hired, but the change is more than I can endure.  With that, me and my family will no longer be participating with the Sharks, and many of the other parent reps will be stepping out as well. 

We are working to help Jeremy to secure a position elsewhere.   

For those who wish to continue with the Sharks, please reach out to Katie at RiverChase who will be coordinating the season going forward.  If you want to voice your concern, please reach out to your alderman or Mayor Polizzi with your concerns. 

Best of luck Sharks,

Cris Deeter & Your Parent Reps