Weekly News (March 22-26)

Hello Panthers,

Hope we all enjoyed the extra day of rest and fun this weekend. Congratulations to our Water Polo teams that were both victorious against Patana last Friday at the Spirit Night Competitions. There were so many fans out to support our teams (which include many swim team members)

Because of the long weekend, we have a short week of training before the BISAC Championships coming up this Saturday and Sunday. We will have an all ages-whole team BISAC send off party this Friday at 2:30 at the 50m pool. Come on out and let’s send these teams off with a big Panther Roar.


Important Notes:


10 and under Panther Kick Off Meet: April 4th 2:30 to 3:30

Our coaches are always reminding swimmers of the importance kicking plays in  a fast, successful stroke. So to emphasize this point, we are going to have a 10 and under “Kick Off” meet. This meet will take place during practice time on April 4th. So if this is not your practice day, then please plan on attending any ways. Sign up on the web page today.


ISB Pentathlon Meet: May 14th

This is a 3 team friendly meet with Patana and ANS. There is a long history between these three teams and they compete hard against each other all year. So this is a great way to end the year. This meet has no awards and is meant to celebrate a great season with our fellow Bangkok swimmers.

You can sign up on the website now.


Year End Celebrations: Sprintfest and Awards Dinner (May 25th)

PLEASE MARK ON YOUR CALENDARS NOW! I am sure that most of you have already marked this event down on your personal calendars; especially, the parents who competed last year at the Sprintfest. This is an amazingly fun day of celebration for all of our swimmers. Please do not miss this day.

Right after school at the 50 m pool we will have a 25m-sprint race event, which will include many parents, teachers and friends of the swim team. Swimmers can sign up on the website now. We will again have a 100m free relay race at the end for all those families and other special teams that want to compete together one last time. All parents email me directly to sign up. This year we will also have some parent practices in April and early May to get you all ready.

Following the met we will have an Awards Dinner in the MPR rooms. This will be a casual dress event with food and awards to follow. Again, please plan to attend this dinner. There will be more information on dinner sign up at a later date.


Jr. Panther Cub Fun Meet: Friday May 6th

Our newest Panther swimming squad is going to have it’s first ever fun meet. Two of our High School Swimmers (Veronica and Maddie) are going to organize the whole event. This will start at 2:30 and end by 3:30. There will be some yummies and fun times at the end. We will be contacting Jr. Panther Cub parents directly to ask for some volunteers to help out. So please put this on your calendar. This meet will take place at the 25m pool.


Meets to declare commitment (Decline if you are not going):


*** 10 and under Kick off Meet April 4th 2:30-3:30***

***ISB Pentathlon Meet May 14th***

***ISB Year End Sprint Fest 2016***


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day,